Yadkin Valley Limousine Wine Tour specials.

 In Charlotte Limo
charlotte limo wine tour packages

"Amazing fun day out exploring vinyards and wine tasting"

Royal Limousine offer the finest wine tours of the Yadkin Valley vinyards and wineries.

With an unparelled fleet of speciality cars and limousines we can accomodate groups of one couple through to 24 guests.

Day packages start at 10am and finish at 6pm.

We visit 3-4 top class and award winning vinyards and you will have so much FUN!

Sit back and relax in the rear of your chauffeured limousine and enjoy the company and cenery.

Taste and explore terrific vinyards such as Shelton, Reylen, Raffeldini, Swan Creek and Childress.

To reserve your Royal Limousine for a memorable day please call 704 7793118.

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